Learn the Art & Science of Growing Your eCommerce Business on FLIPKART in 6 Hours Using Our Step-By-Step Guidance Without Wasting Months of Time Getting "NO" Orders

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Today's Price
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Student's Feedback

Key Highlights of the Course

Course Curriculum

Course Introduction

▶ Introduction

▶ Course Structure & How to Proceed?

All About Mindset

▶ Money Mindset

▶ Time to Get Successful

Getting Started

▶ Documents Required to Start Online

▶ Open a Seller Account

Understanding Seller Dashboard

▶ Understanding the Dashboard

▶ Basic Account Settings

▶ Trending Tier System

▶ Types of Fulfilment

Fee Structure Clarification

▶ Marketplace Fee & Payout Formula

▶ Shipping Fees

▶ Collection Fees

▶ Fixed Fees

▶ Commission Fees & Pricing Calculator

Packaging Material Guidance

▶ Different Types of Packaging Materials

▶ Gusseted vs. Non-Gusseted Packaging

▶ Ordering Packaging Material with GST Invoice (Part 1)

▶ Ordering Packaging Material with GST Invoice (Part 2)

Stock Management

▶ What is SKU?

▶ Stock Management Using Excel Sheet (Download Template)

▶ Stock Management Using Software

▶ Understanding the Inventory Tab

Product Images

▶ Product Image Guidelines

▶ Generating Image Links/URLs

Product Listing

▶ Search Keywords

▶ Brand/Category Approval

▶ Single Listing

▶ Bulk Listings

▶ Add Variant to an Existing Listing

▶ Copy a Listing

▶ Edit a Wrong Listing

▶ Bulk Edit Listings

▶ How to Latch on Listings?

Orders & Returns Management

▶ How to Process Order(s)?

▶ What is OTC?

▶ Packing an Order

▶ What if Pickup is Not Done?

▶ Types of Returns & Fees Applicable

▶ Reasons Behind Courier & Customer Returns

▶ Guide to Reduce Customers Returns

▶ Returns Tab & Process (Stamp & OTC)

▶ What is SPF? When & How to Use It?

▶ Image Guidelines for SPF Claims

▶ Order Management Sheet (Download Template)

Product Advertisement

▶ Ad Benefits & Structure

▶ Understanding Key Terms

▶ CPC vs. Smart ROI & Some Important Notes

▶ About Rate Card & Wallet

▶ Setting Up a CPC Campaign

▶ Setting Up a Smart ROI Campaign

▶ Ads Analysis & Further Actions

Reporting & Analytics

▶ Seller Score

▶ Traffic Analysis

▶ Paid Ads Report

▶ Report Centre

BONUS - Growth X Tips & Techniques

▶ Growth Hack 1

▶ Growth Hack 2

▶ Growth Hack 3

▶ Growth Hack 4

▶ Growth Hack 5

Know Your Instructor

Shivam Pasricha

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements before enrolling?

Below are the things which we expect that you must have:

  • A laptop/desktop with a connection to the internet
  • Any basic printer for printing labels & other stuff
  • A GST certificate (optional, can be purchased afterwards) (discussed inside the course)
  • A positive attitude & a growth mindset to make your life & business better
Is it a recorded course or a live course?

It’s a recorded course which will be given to you in a LMS. On signup, you will receive username and link to generate password via email within 24 hours, using which you can watch all the modules in one go.

Do we have lifetime access to the videos?

Yes, you will get access to these video lessons for a Lifetime. You can watch at any time you like.

How we will get support in case of any doubt/query?

We have a dedicated Facebook group for students, where you can ask as many questions as you like.

Can we download the videos?

No, you can’t download the videos. But you can watch the video lessons on Laptop, Desktop or Mobile Phone anytime using the internet

Note: Currently you cannot watch the course videos on your Apple iOS Mobile Browsers.

I have more questions, where can I ask?

You can send us an email at ecommerceguideindia@gmail.com