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5 Unique Reasons Why To Sell Your Products On Meesho

Recently, Meesho has gained huge popularity among many resellers & it is still growing at a huge pace. And becoming a supplier at Meesho is a great opportunity for your e-commerce business to achieve new heights. Let’s discuss the top 5 reasons to sell your products on Meesho.

Remember when those big e-commerce giants such as Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal launched their online marketplace?

At that time, thousands of new sellers registered with them to sell their products online.

Many of those sellers are now at a great financial level. Can you guess the reason behind it?

Yes, they saw that new opportunity in these brands at that time. Those brands were new & fresh.

And now those sellers have grown so much that new sellers are facing a lot of competition. As per a survey, most of the new sellers closes their e-commerce business within 6 months.

But opportunity can come anytime. You just need to be aware of what’s going on in the market.

Hence, introducing the growing brand “Meesho.” This is a new opportunity for new sellers who want to scale their business in this world full of competition.

This is a high time you should take the advantage of becoming a supplier on Meesho.

And the amazing part is – This marketplace is different from other marketplaces in many ways.

Let’s discuss some of the strong reasons as to why you should sell your products with Meesho.

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5 Reasons Why To Sell Your Products On Meesho

After reading these reasons, I’m pretty much sure that you’ll be convinced to sell your products online on Meesho. Let’s dive in further:

1) Lowest Commissions Rate

Where almost all big e-commerce marketplaces charge the commission ranges from 5% to 22% on each sale, Meesho charges much lower.

The commission rates here goes upto 1.8%, starting from 1.1%, depending on the product category you are selling.

This is because Meesho doesn’t wants to burden their sellers and resellers. And this is one of the biggest reason why you must start selling with them today.

2) No Fixed & Collection Fees

This is the same story with most of the popular marketplaces, they charge fixed fees and collection fees on each sale that any seller makes with them.

But here, Meesho doesn’t charge any single penny in the name of these fees. Another biggest reason is here. Sounds cool, right?

3) No Shipping Fees

Unlike other big marketplaces, Meesho doesn’t cut any shipping fees from your settlement account. Let’s understand this with the help of the following example:

Suppose you put a selling price of a product to INR 500. Meesho will post the price a little higher than your set price. The customer/reseller would see the same product at a little higher price, maybe INR 545.

The main benefit of this is that while setting up the pricing, you do not need to think about how much shipping cost would deduct from my final balance. Thus, you’ll be able to provide better pricing to your customer/reseller on Meesho App.

4) Safe & Timely Payments

In terms of payments, one can bet upon Meesho. They value their suppliers, they understand that how fast cash flow is beneficial for their suppliers.

Whether your order is prepaid or cash on delivery, you’ll get your settlement value straight into your bank account on 15th day of your order delivery date.

Suppose an order is made on the 1st of April. It would get dispatch/handed over to courier on the 3rd of April. It would get deliver on 6th of April. Then, in this case, the delivery date is 6th and adding 15 days, your bank settlement date would be most probably 21st of April.

5) Zero Penalty On RTOs

Another great thing which I personally like the most. Meesho doesn’t charge any fees in the name of RTO, doesn’t matter whether it is a prepaid order or a COD order.

Although, Meesho would pay the forward shipping and return shipping cost from their own pocket. But they don’t want their supplier to suffer in case the customer rejects the order before even accepting it.

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Video – Reasons Why To Sell Your Products On Meesho

I hope now you are convinced on why you should become a supplier on Meesho, start selling your products and grow your business online.

If you have any doubt or query, you may ‘comment‘ down here, I would love to help you out. You may DM me your query on Instagram as well.

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Thank you and happy selling 😄

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