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How To Take Your Snapdeal Store Offline Immediately [Emergency Holiday]

A seller can go on a vacation by marking a holiday on the seller dashboard store settings at least 48 hours before. But what if there is an emergency? Learn how to take your Snapdeal store offline immediately in case of any emergency.

Almost every online seller knows that they can take their store offline when they about to go for a vacation.

And most of the platforms allows a seller to apply for a holiday on their seller dashboard at least 48-72 hours prior to the time they want to be on leave.

But sellers are also a human after all. They can also have an emergency.

Hence, here I’ll tell you a trick on how you, as a seller, can take your store immediately offline on Snapdeal seller panel.

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Trick To Take Your Snapdeal Store Offline Immediately

There’s nothing known as trick. The method is really simple but most of the sellers are still not aware of it.

1) Inventory Method

Well, the very first and basic way is to put down your inventory number for each of your product to “0”

Now, this may seem easy to do. But if you have a huge number of products online, then you can’t easily edit inventory for each and put it down to zero.

And suppose if you did this level of hard work, then don’t forget that when you’ll come back online, you’ll need to update all the inventory one by one by checking or re-counting your stock number for each product.

Trust me, this is a serious hectic process to opt for.

2) App Method

This is a “brahmastra” for you. Instead of applying for your holiday using your dashboard on desktop/laptop, which would give an error of 48 hours… , you can mark a holiday on your Snapdeal mobile app.

This may seems stupid, like what is the difference between these. But trust me, we may call it a flaw on the app side.

So, if you apply for any holiday and wanna take your Snapdeal store offline immediately, then you can try doing it.

I hope you found this article helpful on how to take your Snapdeal store offline in case of any emergency.

If you have any doubt or query, you may ‘comment‘ down here, I would love to help you out.

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Thank you and happy selling 😄

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