You are currently viewing Flipkart Seller New Update | One Time Code (OTC) Handshake | No Manifests Required?

Flipkart Seller New Update | One Time Code (OTC) Handshake | No Manifests Required?

Flipkart recently launched a new feature for its sellers – One Time Code or OTC. Let’s dive into the details of this new feature and understand how will this impact sellers.

The feature was launched on the 10th of August 2021 and it is being implemented into the Flipkart seller accounts in a phased manner. If you still can’t see this feature on your seller penal, then don’t worry, it will be applicable to all the sellers by the end of this September.

What Is Flipkart OTC?

OTC or One Time Code, as the name suggests, is a numeric code just like an OTP. Whenever any seller marks an RTD or any return is scheduled for the day or both, the seller needs to share that generated OTC with the pickup person. This feature has been introduced after gaining feedback from sellers discrepancies. This would bring transparency to the system.

You need to share OTC only if you are satisfied with all the pickups and returns scheduled for the day. Also, an OTC is valid only for a day. Hence, for the next day, you need to re-generate a fresh OTC.

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Where To Generate/Request An OTC?

Generating an OTC is pretty simple. Just log on to your Flipkart seller dashboard, go to ‘orders’ and then click on ‘pending handovers.’ Here, you’ll find ‘Request OTC’, by clicking on that, you’ll get a pop-up displaying the OTC for the day.

Can We Generate/Request OTC Using Seller App?

No. The feature of generating OTC is not currently available on the Flipkart seller app as of now. But this feature will be added to the app very soon. For now, you need to request OTC using your desktop/laptop.

What Is The Validity Of An OTC?

An OTC generated is valid only for that day, i.e., till 12:00 midnight. On the next day, a seller needs to request a fresh OTC, as the previous day’s OTC will not work.

What Will Happen To Manifest?

This OTC based system will completely replace the manifest system. Now, you do not need to download any manifest and take the signature of the pickup person and keep it with yourself as proof. Hence, more transparency and less wastage of time and paper.

Is Flipkart OTC Applicable Only On eKart Logistics?

Yes, as of now, the only Ekart logistic pickups are eligible for the OTC feature. This feature will be expanded to all the third-party logistic (3PL) companies very soon. For now, you may continue using manifest for 3PLs.

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I believe this new feature of OTC by Flipkart is a great initiative for all the online sellers on Flipkart. As it will reduce unnecessary discrepancies and add more transparency to the system.

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