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Your E-Signature Is Missing – Meesho Supplier Error

Every time you login into your Meesho supplier dashboard, you must have seen this notice – Your E-Signature is Missing. In this article, we will understand why this is happening and what you should do in order to continue selling on Meesho.

Meesho as a platform is growing day by day, both in terms of sales and in terms of trust in their customers. And this is benefiting our Meesho suppliers as well.

Most of our suppliers are getting good number of sales on Meesho and they are living a sustainable life by depending on this platform.

But nowadays our Meesho sellers are getting an error with the name: Your e-signature is missing!

And this error is one of the important update on the Meesho platform which you, as a supplier, are required to complete it.

And as an e-commerce expert, it is my responsibility to explain you about this error and help you resolve this out.

Submitting the e-signature is necessary and if not done on time, it may impact your sales. Hence, this article will be all around this topic.

Your E-Signature Is Missing – How Error Looks Like?

Now you must be wondering that how this error looks like. Is it coming to all the sellers or to few sellers only?

To be clear here, I would like to tell you that all the Meesho sellers are getting this kind of notice and it is quite necessary to complete it as soon as possible.

Before continuing forward, I would like to show you how this notice looks like on your Meesho supplier dashboard.

Your E-Signature is missing - Meesho supplier dashboard notice

You might have received this kind of notice on the top of your dashboard, which says Your E-Signature is Missing – E-Signature is required for raising invoices/credit notes on your behalf to customers.

Why Uploading E-Signature Is Mandatory?

Now let us understand why doing this is important. Whether you should care about this notice or not?

As per government guidelines, whenever you raise any invoice or credit note to your customers, you need to mention your company’s signature on that document.

The case is same here as well. Here, instead of you doing signature on each of your documents, Meesho will be doing this part on your behalf whenever they are raising any invoices or credit notes to your customers.

Hence, it is your responsibility to complete this task on-time. As without this, they wouldn’t be able to raise any invoices or credit notes to your customers on your behalf.

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Steps To Update E-Signature On Meesho Supplier Dashboard

Now let’s see how you can submit your e-signature step-by-step:

Step 1 – Find The Missing E-Signature Notice

Go to your Meesho supplier dashboard. There you can see the notice in the red colour on the top of your dashboard. Kindly click on the button name ‘add signature’.

Your E-Signature is missing - Meesho supplier dashboard notice

Step 2 – Get Redirected to Supplier Signature Settings

After clicking on the add signature button, you will be redirected to the ‘supplier signature’ tab on the settings page. Here, you can see your firm’s full legal name and the generated e-signature by default. Just click on the button ‘change’ and you will see a pop up on your screen.

Get Redirected to Meesho Supplier Signature Settings

Step 3 – 2 Options to Add Signature

Now there are two methods to add signature. The first one is already done by Meesho. Here, as you can see the signature is designed as per your name in the field. You can change this name as well as per your registered firm name.

On the other hand, you can click on the upload tab and upload your signature (remember – the file size should not exceed 5 MB). Simply take a white sheet of paper, do your firm’s signature on that paper, scan it and upload it on this platform.

Add eSignature & Submit It with Meesho supplier dashboard

Step 4 – Submit Your E-Signature with Meesho

After this, just click on ‘add signature’ and your request will be submitted with the Meesho platform and it will be added within 24 to 48 hours of doing so.

Hurray! Now you’re done with your part.

Final Words

I hope now you know the importance of doing such task and you’re clear with the steps on how to complete it.

If you still have any doubt or query, you may ‘comment‘ down here, I would love to help you out. You may DM me your query on Instagram as well.

Also, do check out more articles on eCommerce here and don’t forget to watch our Meesho playlists on our YouTube channel.

Thank you and happy selling 😄

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