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Essential Strategies for Excelling on Amazon Selling (From Beginner to Power Seller)

You are an Amazon seller looking for big growth, and you arrived here in search for that. My dear seller, you’re at the right place! As in this article, I’ll be sharing some essential strategies to sell on Amazon. Not only sell, but becoming a power seller on this marketplace.

List of Essentials for an Online Seller

As an online seller you must be well aware with the crowd at the marketplaces and the competetion. Competetion in Ecommerce industries serves as one of the major threats. As more and more people shop online, having a strong and significant online presence is becoming increasingly important.

But with so much of competition out there, how can you make your online store stand out? Here’s a list of essentials you need to ponder upon to make your business stand out and excel as an online seller.

According to the reports by BigCommerce, major 3 factors that influence where U.S. customers choose to shop are:

  • Price (87%)
  • Shipping Cost and Speed (80%)
  • Discounts (71%)

Price, shipping cost and speed and discounts are 3 factors you should work on if you are an online seller. And looking for ways to improve their sales and attract customers.

The very first thing any customer is attracted towards is the prices offered. Therefore your prices should be competitive as well as optimal.

Next is the speed by which the purchased product is delivered and the cost of shipping it includes. So as to ensure which online sellers can partner with shipping companies or have their own shipping infrastructure.

The third aspect, which is Discounts, is again an enticing feature to hook your customers which can be offered by means of coupons, loyalty programs and flash sales. And in turn would build brand loyalty and encourage customers to make purchase.

Therefore, primary steps to excel as an online seller is by offering competitive pricing, low or free shipping, faster deliveries, discounts and promotions. By doing so, you can build loyal customer base and thrive in the competitive world of online selling.

Essential Strategies to Sell on Amazon

There are plenty of options to sell online. You can either sell used items and establish your business in collaboration with sales channels. You can align with them to sell your products on your behalf. If you want to sell new unused products, build a business, reach a larger variety of audience and create your own selling portfolio you definitely can rely on marketplace like Amazon.

There’s an endless list of the categories of product which you as a seller can sell. Amazon offers categories like Beauty and personal care, Home and kitchen, clothing, shoes and jewellery, health, household, arts, crafts, electronics and a lot more. Any category you name, you can sell it.

Here’s few key strategies you need to have a grip on in order to mark your business with a tag of excellence:

Essential Strategies to Sell on Amazon
5 Essential Strategies to Sell on Amazon
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1. Finalise the category of products you are willing to sell

What niche suits you? Is it profitable? In order to start your journey as an online seller, you first need to figure out what you will sell to gain profit. To determine your area of interest you need to analyse your strengths and weaknesses regarding the same, you can refer to Amazon Best Sellers to have an idea of what is selling best. What makes the products reach the category of Bestsellers? The price? The reviews? The discounts? The seasonality? Answer to these would be beneficial for you to make a choice regarding the product which will be enticing for your customers.

  • Keep in mind your target audience and what will excite them about your product
  • More specific the niche, more specific the audience

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2. Procurement process

Once your product niche is decided, next step includes the process of figuring out the source of procuring them. You might build or craft products from scratch, or work with a manufacturer to design items according to your specifications.

Some sourcing methods, such as wholesale, might require you to keep track of inventory. While others, like drop shipping and print on demand, can allow you to operate without a dedicated space for storage.

You can use Amazon to set up an e-commerce storefront and even use Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) for managing inventory, after making a choice of your desirable option.

3. Determine your sales channel

Which product are you selling? Who is your audience? Once you figure out these you can opt for the process of selecting a sales channel which serves best accordingly. Set up your shop on an established marketplace like Amazon, which has a wider audience, is trusted and serves a huge variety.

You can design and build an ecommerce store from scratch, or use a tool like the Amazon Stores builder to create a custom, immersive ecommerce website experience.

An Amazon storefront comes along with built-in infrastructure for processing payments, managing customer reviews, and more. It also gives you an analytics dashboard so you can track sales, reviews, prices, and other key performance metrics. Live-stream destinations like Amazon Live can even allow you to engage with shoppers in real-time for product reveals, personalized product recommendations, and other interactive sales methods.

4. Facilitate with good visuals

Attach clear and visually appealing pictures of your products as pictures serves the primary function of seeking your customer’s attention. And if it is appealing enough it would help you succeed in gaining customers. Good visuals of your product can be created by:

  • Take your photos in an area with sufficient light
  • Select plain backgrounds
  • Cover different angles of your product
  • Avoid using effects or filters

Product imagery is one of the important strategies to sell on Amazon, ensuring its done with utmost care can be beneficial for your business.

5. Be descriptive about your product

The product details should be descriptive enough for the customer to be decisive. Include brief on-point necessary details relating to your product. Descriptions serves the base of information for the customer. It helps them differentiate your product from that of your competitors and arouses the need of the product in their lives. So it should be well detailed with the use of clear and concise language, with no technical terms or jargons which makes it difficult in understanding. And should be Search Engine Optimised so it ranks on top of search results.

So, by focusing on these primary elements you are all set to attain excellence in the field of online selling on marketplaces like Amazon.

I hope you found these strategies to sell on Amazon really helpful. If yes then don’t forget to share it with your known one who also wants to start their business. If you have any query, you can ‘comment‘ down here, I would love to help you out.

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