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Always Get Claim For Damaged Returns | Advice To Online Sellers

Every online seller’s pain point is sales returns. But it’s even more shocking when they receive a damaged return, or some different product, or a stone inside. Here’s my advice to all the online sellers on what practice you shall opt to avoid such losses and get a claim for such damaged returns.

As an online seller, I can understand the pain of getting product returns. Because returns involves so many disadvantages, such as:

  • Decrease in seller ratings
  • Forward and return shipping charges
  • Wastage of packaging material
  • And sometimes, faulty returns

A seller has to deal with the first 3 points, but what about the 4th one? What a seller can do if he/she receives a faulty return?

Before diving deeper into this, let’s first discuss what does faulty product returns means.

What Are Faulty Returns In Case Of Sales Return?

Faulty returns are simply those returned products that we cannot re-pack & sell further to another customer. Mainly due to the following reasons:

  • Received broken product
  • Received different product
  • Received a stone instead
  • Received an empty product

Such returns are really disheartening for any seller. These returns create a burden of losses on a business.

Let’s have a look at what we can do to avoid such losses

How Online Sellers Can Always Get Claim For Receiving Damaged Returns?

There are 2 things which I usually do to avoid such losses in my online business, and you too should use the same technique.

You simply need to make videos 2 times per order. Yeah, this is the only yet effective way, having a video proof.

Make 1st video while you are packing the product and making it ready to dispatch. 2nd while you are opening the return received.

Okay! I understand that you can’t always grab your mobile phone camera to shoot video. But what you can do is you can buy a DIY camera that will not cost you more than 1,000 – 2,000 bucks. You can set up this camera yourself at the place where you or your team pack the sale packages.

Or, as I do, you can also order a small tripod, which will cost you around 300 – 400 bucks, using which you can easily shoot a video by yourself, if you handle all the work alone.

Remember, start the video recording first by displaying all the sides of the returned product and zoom in on the label details. Then start unboxing the product package.

How This Video Would Help In Getting Claim For Faulty Sales Return?

According to my personal experience, almost every marketplace accept video proofs. While raising the dispute, you can upload this video as proof of receiving a faulty return. The marketplace will have a look at it and would surely get back to you with either a full or partial refund of your sale amount.

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I hope now you are clear with what you need to do to avoid any losses in your business by getting a claim for receiving damaged product returns.

If you have any doubt or query, you may ‘comment‘ down here, I would love to help you out. You may DM me your query on Instagram as well.

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Thank you and happy selling 😄

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